Last Updated: 09/08/2020

Welcome to Engage community.!

We at Engage, Inc (“Engage/The Company/We/Us”) respects the privacy of its users ("you") and are committed to protecting the privacy and security of "its users/you/your" personal information. Below are some of the FAQs, which was asked by some of the our users and we find them useful, so listing them below. We are trying hard to deliver the best experience.

If you have any questions about FAQ, please refer to the end of this Privacy Policy for information on how to contact us.


1. Is there any paid or subscription plan?

>_ No, we don't charge anything from the user, we will never ask our users for any amount.

2. How can unmatch anyone on engage app?
>_ Open chat >>> click on top right menu >>> click unmatch >>> click ok.

3. How can one or I report & block a user?
>_ A) Open chat >>> click on top right menu >>> click report & block >>> fill the details >>> click submit.
>_ B) Open user chat >>> click on top right menu >>> click unmatch >>> click ok.
>_ C) Open user profile >>> Slide-up for profile details >>> click on report & block at bottom >>> fill the details >>> click on submit.

4. With whom to connect for an emergency contact?
>_ A) Soon, we will be adding an emergency contact feature.
>_ B) If you are in sudden problem, kindly call to local emergency ie 100.

5. Does the company share user details or data with any third party?
>_ No, we as an organisation don't share user details with a third-party organisation.

6. What is daily the limit for likes?
>_ As a new user, you are eligible for 20 likes per day. Once you complete your profile your daily limit will be increased to 50 likes per day.

7. What is the daily limit for superlike?
>_ All are eligible for 3 superlikes per day.

8. Why the application is in beta stage?
>_ We are trying to make sure to deliver a better experience, also adding some more awesome feature to the application. This is a step to make our application more stable.

9. Why should one register on this application?
>_ A) We as a company care about our users and their privacy. Engage is pretty awesome and one can get matches based on their preference.


If you have any questions about this community guidelines, please contact us by email with subject line : FAQ or postal mail as follows:

Privacy Officer
Engage, Inc
Sector 15, Noida, UP 201301, India